This is the main home of the Other People. We are members of the Otherfaith, a modern polytheist religion that reveres new gods and spirits. This site is our devotional and educational hub. Our ‘About’ page has more information. We encourage you to browse and learn, and our Reading & Resources page provides organized links to follow. As a devotional hub, this website includes prayers, devotionals, information about our holy days, as well as reflections about our gods and religious practice. If you are one of the People or exploring our gods, we encourage you to submit an essay or prayer to be posted on the site.

The Otherfaith was created in 2010 by a group of young polytheists to fill the religious needs they had. Now, four years later, it has developed into more than we could have ever imagined, all thanks to the gods that came to us. You can read a bit about our history here. We are a small faith but we are committed, and we are blooming. As a communal faith, it is vital that we always maintain proper relationship between the gods, ourselves, and each other. We strive to be a safe, welcoming community, even for those who are only passing through. We are devout, pious, committed, and modern polytheists. If you’re looking for a faith that acknowledges and incorporates modern life – technology and all – you’ve found it.