You’ve found the home of the Other People! This site hosts information and educational posts as well as prayers and ideas for celebration, along with theology and otherwise related rambles. It’s important to know our history in order to really understand our tradition.

In 2010, a small forum called the Forest of the White Stag – aimed at gathering together teen Pagans and polytheists – began cooking up an idea. Largely dissatisfied with modern Paganism, a small group of us craved a religion with structure, community, and an acceptance of our modern lives. Each of these was lacking from what we had sought out so far.1

And so we set out, our ideals firmly in hand, and prayed for gods who shared such goals to lead us. We did not know who would answer. We did not know if anyone would answer.

But something did. Gods answered us, and they took reign of the faith we had conceived.

These gods were not ancient, however. We had prayed with the modern world on our mind, and so modern gods came knocking. Truly.

New gods came – unrecorded or mentioned in folklore or history, their very symbols and being tied to our world as it was now. It was incredible.

It took almost two years to receive the names of the first Four Gods, and two more to learn a handful of spirits’. And it would take heartbreak and pain before the Otherfaith could truly bloom.

In 2012, when this blog first started it was a hodge-podge mess of thoughts on Paganism and half-formed musings on the Other People. In 2013, it was the home of tiny baby myths, the dreams of the gods given form. In 2014 we suffered some losses to our community and some huge changes as well.2 In 2015, we hope to create more structure and actual practice to further solidify the Otherfaith.

I look forward to you joining me on this journey. The Otherfaith is young and flowering, and if you wish you too can shape where the People go.

Be excellent to each other.

1You can read more on the history of the faith here.
2You can read about some of the changes here.

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