[Wednesday] Return & Update

Happy December.

It has been a long time since I’ve posted here on the blog. That isn’t to say I haven’t been writing – I have – but much of it is either not ready for public viewing or is for the upcoming Otherfaith book. Apart from that, life itself has gotten in the way of writing more and being able to update the blog. This is the way things go sometimes.

But December has started up again and with it Reunion. The holy week of Reunion, December 25 to January 1 )technically ending once the sun rises on the New Year), is such a magical time. Truly magical, in the sense that energies are shifting and changing. As the second half of this year swung in, I began focusing on the magical and spiritual components of the Otherfaith. This includes things such as the spirit body, energy manipulation, energetic associations, all of that goodness.

Jenn wrote about Reunion on Between Ocean and Hills. What she describes – “Whatever block I was having is lifted and I’m ready to be back with them, and Reunion is going to be my chance to do that in a really meaningful way,” – is very much Reunion to me. At the beginning of this month I reunited with my spirit spouse who I had seen little of throughout the year. I could touch the energies of the gods like I hadn’t been able to. I felt, for the first time in a long time, at peace with these gods. December and Reunion are the opposite of Hell Month to me.

Reunion also involves the New Year. We’re going into 2016 and the sixth year of the Otherfaith. That’s humbling to me. This year has not be easy. But there is still the Otherfaith, and it is larger than myself. People still care about it. I hope as the year turns I can find more peace and gladness, more compassion and sweetness. I hope I can accept that people will come and go, people will come and stay, and there’s no way I can predict that. I can just give my best to the people who want to know more about the Otherfaith.

There will be more projects next year too. One, of course, is the Otherfaith book. It will likely be (self) published and available early summer, and I want to put out an audio version in winter of 2016. Another project is an Otherfaith podcast. To begin, the podcast will be a simple companion to the Otherfaith information available. I will cover our gods and spirits, any updates and new information, and progress from gods and spirits into the practical and spiritual aspects of the Otherfaith. I do hope to eventually have guests, but I don’t want to rush.

Audio content, beyond the podcast, will be coming to the Otherfaith. This is in a hope to make our content more accessible. If you have any recommendations, I am eager to hear them. I’ve never messed with audio before.

My Patreon will also be undergoing some changes. There will be some patron-locked content, but the majority of what I produce will be available to everyone. But as of 2016-on, patrons will have access to some content anywhere from two weeks to one month earlier. I will also be posting excerpts from old journals and elaborating on them, as patron-only content.

As I worked on the Otherfaith book during November, I realize how little leadership and organizational structure we have. Back when I was first crafting the Otherfaith, back when it went under different names, I had so many theories for organizing leadership and responsibility. Those all fell apart once faced with the immediate reality of dealing with people. That doesn’t mean it isn’t important though. So I brainstormed leadership ideas again and again in November, and that will be rolling out. I would really appreciate feedback on this. I will be posting about it once it’s hammered out better here, on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, anywhere I can. I want to know what people think, what people want from leadership, what they need. And what you absolutely don’t want as well.

This post is mostly to say that I’m back. I’m back from the rest of my life. This blog will resume. Writing will resume. And I hope that this Reunion and the New Year treats you all wonderfully.

As an important announcement: we have a 2016 formal Skype chat up for those who want to learn or re-introduce themselves to the Otherfaith. This chat will be held every weekend. This link will show you the time and date for your time zone. We will also be discussing community/organizational issues in the formal chat. If you would like to take part in the formal chat, please send me a message on Skype at ainemaponos.

We also have a less formal, general Otherfaith chat where anyone can chat anytime. You can join that by following this link, if you have Skype.

Hangouts, which we held a few times last year, will resume in 2016. We will have new rules for people who join in, though, and some of the Hangouts will be recorded to be put up on the Otherfaith Youtube channel. I will inform people well in advance if a Hangout will be recorded, though, and don’t feel that it is necessary to join one that will be.

Though I do hope to get up the rest of the basics post for the rest of the Four+ Gods in January, I will be moving coming late January. This may mean a week or two of silence on my part. But hopefully not, and until that date I plan to keep this blog active.

As always, thank you for reading. Be excellent to each other.

Thank you for reading. ‘Of the Other People’ is a site dedicated to the Otherfaith, a modern polytheist god religion. We are supported through Patreon and want to give special thanks to our patrons Jack at Drawing Stars and Leithin Cluan at Treasure in Barren Places. If you enjoy the writing here, consider becoming a patron!

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