The Otherfaith is a modern polytheist religion created in 2010. We revere new gods known as the Four Gods. We originated from the modern Pagan and polytheist movements. Our theology is a blend of animism, transhumanism, polytheism, scifi and fantasy (SFF), and fandom culture. We acknowledge a variety of spirits and worship utilizing prayer, storytelling and interpretation, and community involvement.

of the Other People‘ is the main blog of the Other People. It is operated by Aine Llewellyn but accepts contributions from other writers. The blog hosts educational material along with more in-depth discussions on the gods, spirits, and functioning of the religion. Though our in-process wiki will contain more accessible educational information, this website hosts longer content as well as mythology.

We accept submissions of essays, prayers, art, and other devotional projects from the People, and we encourage you to submit. You can also submit questions to our Tumblr or Twitter. Submissions may be sent to our Tumblr if you would prefer them to appear there. (You do not have to be registered on Tumblr to submit questions or content; you do need to have a Twitter account to message on there.)

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